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Plant extract feed additive


The protector for maternal animals 
Ingredients: Dandelion extract, glycyrrhiza extract and red clove extract, etc.
The contents of caffeic acid, glycyrrhizic acid and formononetin are no less than 0.02%, 0.5% and 0.15%, respectively.
1. Protect gastrointestinal mucosa, promote proliferation of beneficial bacteria, maintain balance of intestinal flora, reduce diarrhea and improve digestibility.
2. Improve the growth performance.
3. Improve the ability of anti-stress.
4. Promote the function of liver and gallbladder, alleviate poison and drugs on the liver’s damage.
1. Isoflavonoids in red clover extract, is similar to estrogen, can regulate estrogen levels, improve the ovary’s function, promote the reproductive production.
2. Red clover extract can bind estradiol receptor of mammary gland directly, show the kind of the biological effects of estrogen, also affect to the growth of the hypothalamus - pituitary gonadal axis or shaft, increase breast estradiol and progesterone receptors, promote the growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor 1, the synthesis and release of prolactin, so as to promote the development of the mammary gland. Dandelion extract can dredge breast duct obstruction, promote the secretion of milk. Formononetin in red clove extract can regulate blood lipid metabolism, improve milk quality.
3. Glycyrrhizic acid in glycyrrhiza extract is a kind of sweeteners, which can stimulate animal’s appetite , and thus increase the feed intake.
4. Red clove extract could inhibit lipid peroxidation of cell membrane, and remove free radical by increasing activity of SOD. Caffeic acid in dandelion extract is kind of natural antioxidant, which could remove free radical. Red clove extract and glycyrrhiza extract have the effects of anti-inflammation. Metabolite of caffeic acid in dandelion extract could alleviate inflammatoary reaction and decrease occurrence of mastitis.
Applicable animals: Swine, meat poultry, layer,aquaticanimals and other animals.

Applicable animals Dosage(g/t)
Sow   Gestation period:200-300;Lactation period:300-500
Dairy cattle   Lactation period:300-500
Note: Double the amount was suggested under the situation of high-stress, poor environment, adjuvant treatment.
Packing: 20 kg/bag(box).
Storage condition: Keep sealed in environment with good ventilation, dry and away from light.
Shelf life: 18 months (under25℃),please use it up as soon as possible after the bag opened.



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