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Plant extract feed additive


Guardian for aquatic animals
Dandelion extract, glycyrrhiza extract, etc.
The contents of total flavonoids and glycyrrhizic acid are no less than 2.2% and 0.1%, respectively.
1. Improve the digestible function of intestinal tract and improve feed conversion ratio;
2. Promote growth of aquatic animals and improve their body shape and color;
3. Promote the function of liver and gallbladder, stimulate secretion of bile, promote metabolism of fat;
4. Improve the ability of anti-stress, alleviate stress caused by variation of water temperature and water quality, haul net and transportation, improve the survival rate.
1. Dandelion extract contains the physiological active substances, such as oligosaccharides, which can regulate the structure of intestinal flora, promote the multiplication of beneficial bacteria, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, protect intestinal tract.
2. Dandelion extract can alleviate toxic injury to liver cells caused by endotoxin, protect liver, increase the bile secretion, inhibit the excessive accumulation of bile. Glycyrrhiza extract can protect the health of the liver by promoting the regeneration of liver cells through reducing liver cell necrosis and cavitation.
3. Dandelion extract and glycyrrhiza extract can inhibit excessive expression of proinflammatory factor, therefore to improve the ability of anti-stress.
Applicable animals
Fish, shrimp and other aquatic animals.

Applicable animals Dosage(g/t)
Fish 100-250
Shrimp and other aquatic animals 250-500
Note: Double the amount was suggested under the situation of high-stress, poor environment, adjuvant treatment.
20 kg/bag (box).
Storage condition
Keep sealed in environment with good ventilation, dry and away from light.
Shelf life
18 months (under 25℃), please use it up as soon as possible after the bag opened.

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