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Plant extract feed additive


Natural growth promoter 
Ingredients: Dandelion extract, red clove extract, etc.
The contents of polysaccharide and isoflavonoids are no less than 4.0% and 0.1%, respectively.
1. Improve the health of reproductive system, speed up the postpartum recovery;
2. Increase the feed intake of lactation period, improve milk quality, increase litter weight of weaned piglets;
3. Decrease backfat loss and body weight during lactation period, shorten interval time from wean to oestrus, improve reproductive performance.
Dairy cattle:
1. Promote the development of the breast, improve the quantity and quality of milk;
2. Reduce the occurrence of dairy cow mastitis, reduce somatic number of milk;
3. Regulate the endocrine function, promote the recovery of reproductive function of farrowing, head of time of estrus and ovulation;
4. Improve the health of reproductive system, prolong the cow’s service year.
Layer and breeder poultry
1. Regulate the body's endocrine function, and improve egg production, prolong peak period of egg production;
2. Improve the quality of eggshell, decrease the number of broken eggs;
3. Improve ovarian function, improve fertilization rate and hatchability of breeding poultry.
1. With the effect of estrogen, improve the ovary’s function of the female animals, isoflavonoids in red clover extract is similar to estrogen diethylstilbestrol and oestrogen in chemical structure , so can selectively play an estrogen-like effect, two-way of regulating estrogen levels;
2. Improve milk production: dandelion extract can promote breast development,
increase the milk production and improve the milk quality.
3. The function of anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, flavonoid in dandelion extract is a natural antioxidant, can directly eliminate reactive oxygen species, but also can inhibit the production of inflammatory cytokines, reduce inflammation response; Red clover extract can increase SOD activity to removal of superoxide anion free radicals through inhibiting the peroxidation of membrane lipid;
4. Promote the function of liver and gallbladder, red cover extract can affect the growth of animal neuroendocrine system, promote growth factor 1 (IGF 1) of insulin , then promote protein synthesis in the liver; Dandelion extract can affect endotoxin to damage lysosome and mitochondria of liver cell and, enhance liver ’s regeneration.
Applicable animals: Sow, dairy cattle, layer and breeder poultry.
Applicable animals Dosage(g/t)
 Sow   Sucking piglets: 300-800; Weaned piglets: 200-500;
  Growing pigs: 150-300 ; and Finishing pigs: 100-250.
 Dairy cattle   Lactation period: 100-300
 Layers   Laying period100-300
 Breeder poultry   Laying period100-300
Note: Double the amount was suggested under the situation of high-stress, poor environment, adjuvant treatment.
Packing: 20 kg/bag(box).
Storage condition: Keep sealed in environment with good ventilation, dry and away from light.
Shelf life: 18 months (under25℃),please use it up as soon as possible after the bag opened.
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