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Beijing Keepyoung attended PSA Annual Meeting for the first time

From:   Created:2017-07-26

        2017 PSA Annual Meeting had been held on July 17th to 21th, 2017 in Orlando, Florida, USA. PSA Annual Meeting is the current grand international poultry research event organized by PSA, which consisting of approximately 1,700 educators, scientists, extension specialists, industry researchers, administrators, producers, and college students.
        It was the first time for Beijing Keepyoung to attended PSA Annual Meeting as a sponsor, the president of Beijing Keepyoung Technology Co., Ltd Chuanming Xiao leaded the team exhibited at V9, had a detailed communication with worldwide professionals about new concept, new technologies, new products and innovation achievements. This participant not only further strengthen the scientific research cooperation with colleges, but also be recognized by the majority of people in the industry, and also further strengthen strategic cooperation with enterprises.
        Beijing Keepyoung is the first national high-tech enterprise that specializes in applied research, production and sales of plant extract in animal feed and cultivation by using the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and modern biopharmaceutical engineering technology in combination with the development process of animal nutrition and scientific cultivation. After 17 years of painstaking research and more than 3,000 scientific experiments, selected more than 220 effective constituents from a variety of plants, and successfully developed more than 20 kinds of environmentally friendly plant extract feed additives and animal health care products from, such as Impim, Imuty, Phyopson, Safish, Culax, Antimast, Galanext, Dandext, Leonext, Astrext, etc..
        As vice president of Beijing Feed Industry Association, Director of Committee of Natural Product of Beijing Feed Industry Association, Entrusted by Ministry of Agriculture, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China ,the company led the revision of General Rules of Natural Plant Raw Material for Feed, supplier of herb solutions for animal health, Keepyoung maintains strict standards issued by government and other industry organizations, actively promoting animal healthy cultivation enterprise, ensuring their motto “Everyone enjoys safe food ”comes true.

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