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Plant extract feed additive



  1. Defense pathogenic microbes, reduce the incidence of enteritis
  2. Reduce FCR, stimulate immunity
  3. Antiinflammation, antioxidant and anti-stress
  4. Regulate gastrointestinal health, promote digestion
  5. Protect liver, promote fat metabolism

Animals: Pigs, layers, poultry, beef, sheep, rabbit, fish, shrimp etc..

Dosage: sucking pigs:500-800, nursery pigs 400-500, piglets 300-400, middle and bigger pigs 100-300;
layers and meat poultry 100-300; aquatic animals 100-500; Rabbits 200-1000;
 Cattle/lamb 300-1000, finished cows/sheep100-300; Other Animals 100-500.
(When the animal is sick or has severe digestive or respiratory tract inflammatory reactions, this product can be double used in a short-term (3-14 days), maximum  2kg/ton.

Packing:20 kg/bag (box)
Storage:Keep sealed in environment with good ventilation, dry and away from light
Shelf life:18 months (under 25℃)    

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