Company Culture
About the company name
The name of “keepyoung”means let the company keep vitality and young forever, let the life keep vitality and young forever.
“Kanghua”means we engage in a healthy industry. We offer green, environment friendly, safe products which are propitious to the society and the country’s development.
“Yuanjing” means our job has a beauty future. Each member in the company work and grow with the whole team, which will be have a good development.
“keepyoung”is the symbol of new and healthy cause. The feed safety is the basic of the food safety, which is the guarantee of people’s healthy lifestyle.
“keepyoung”is the dedication of the Chinese nation and the responsible for the people’s health. And we will take keeping chinese healthy as our mission and contribute ourselves to the human being.
“keepyoung”is the call of talent. We will offer the good chance for every person with Ideals and aspirations.

Company cultures
The faith: Healthy china, develop forever.
We are all descendants of the Chinese nation, our blood all flow with the Chinese culture, and there is a hope in all of our hearts, which is the prosperity of the motherland. So, we firmly believe that through the healthy development of the economy, the revitalization of enterprises, and contributing to the society, we will be able to contribute to China's modernization construction. This is not just our vision of the company but also the company's operating "Road."

Management Concept
With the scientific thinking and method, realize our scientific goal.
With the honesty and even to gain the other’s respect and trust.
With the technology innovation, we obtain the pioneer status and make our products exceed the industry level.
we are the leader, not the follower. Our products are not similar as the others, but scientific and suitable.

The mission
Attend plant extract, Promote antibiotic-free industry, Opening a new era of antibiotic-free and safety food.

The development stratagem

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