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Established in 2001, Beijing Keepyoung Technology Co., Ltd.(Keepyoung) has been dedicated to the natural plant extract application in animal husbandry, based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, animal nutrition, animal medicine, modern pharmaceuticals, the latest biotechnology and other related disciplines etc. Keepyoung is a benchmark enterprise provding 100% natural and safe products solution to solve animal healthy breeding problem and to ensure food safety. Keepyoung is committed to minimizing the use of antibiotics to ensure the food safety from the source. It is a national high-tech enterprise, the Zhongguancun 2018 top ten small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises with the greatest development potential and the vice president unit of Beijing Feed Industry Association. It is also the industry leader of R&D and manufacture of international natural plant feed additives, animal health products and Chinese herbal medicine extracts. Located in Beijing Miyun Economic Development Zone, the “Safety Feed Additives and Animal Health Products Core Technology Industrialization Demonstration Base” has become the “natural plant indicator” of the global animal feed industry, it was successfully listed on the NEEDQ in January 2015.
Keepyoung has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with famous institutions and scientific research institutions such as China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, Southwest University, etc., and has established a Plant Expert Committee with more than 30 professors, doctors and masters and it is supported by the Spark Program and Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology. In November 2014, Keepyoung established the first “Beijing Key Engineering Laboratory of Natural Plant Feed Function Research and Application Technology”, which means the R&D strength has reached a very high level. In the same year, Keepyoung was entrusted to preside over the revision of the General Requirements for Natural Plant Feed Materials Standard, which indicates that the Chinese herbal medicines can be legally used in animal husbandry in the form of “natural plant feed”, which is beneficial to Chinese herbal medicine in animal husbandry. The development and industrialization of Chinese herbs extract feed additive has became the main force in the replacement of antibiotics. In 2017, the company was awarded the Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Natural Plant Feed Innovation Research and Development. In 2018, the company was listed in the Beijing Natural Science Foundation, which further consolidated the strong scientific research strength and international market foundation of Keeepyoung.
Science, Truth-seeking, Innovation, and Leading are Keepyoung’s operation phylosophy. In the process of  processing, Keepyoung inherits the ancient training that “there is no need to save labor even it is complicated, and it will not reduce the material uses even it is expensive.”  Keepyong aims to study animal health and establish a unique natural plant research system. After a long period of scientific experiments, the company has screened more than 220 kinds of active ingredients from various plants, has owned more than 40 invention patents, an 10 Beijing independent innovation products, successfully developed IMPIM, Clovext, Antimast and other series of environmentally friendly plant extract feed and animal health product widely used in livestock, poultry and aquatic products. It can reduce the incidence rate and improve the flavor and quality of meat, eggs and milk. After long-term animal test home and abroad, it proved that it is no more necessary to add growth-promoting antibiotics in the animal feed to achicve the growth performance. The animal performance is better and economic benefits are higher by using the natural plant feed additive.
Keepyoung carries out modern scientific production management in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001, ISO22000, FAMI-QS and GMP related standards. It is the first company to export compound natural plant feed additives and animal health products to the United States, the European Union and Southeast Asia to help more and more companies reducing the use of antibiotics, to achieve the aim of Antibiotics-Free!
 In order to ensure the stable supply of high-quality Chinese herbal materials, Keepyoung has developed a Chinese medicine ecological industrial chain, to build Chinese herbs planting base throughout the country, which also solved the problem of poverty alleviation for low-income people and promoted the healthy development of characteristic economy such as rural tourism, education, homestay and catering. It also promoted the construction of beautiful countryside, created a superior and livable environment, accumulated profound cultural heritage, and promoted the construction of ecological civilization and promoted the construction of new countryside.
Keepyoung has never stopped on the road of Antibiotics-free development. It is still exploring the development of plant extract feed additives, animal health products and the Chinese herbal medicine industry chain. The company is growing into the world's most powerful plant extract feed and animal health products research and production enterprises, affecting more and more domestic and foreign enterprises to join the Anbiotics-free action. It has a huge leading role and expects to cooperate with more industries such as feed, culture, food and plant extracts at home and abroad, and work together to contribute to the “safety engineering” of the feed industry, animal husbandary and food industry.
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