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Beijing Keepyoung technology Co., Ltd. has established a stable long-term cooperation relationship with famous universities and scientific research institutions including Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and so on. Based on the cooperation, the company has set up a more than 20 person “Natural feed expert committee” forming to a powerful peripheral technical support organization. The high quality scientific research team is comprised of 6 senior researchers, more than 30 post-doctoral, doctoral and postgraduate fellows, covering biochemical engineering, traditional Chinese pharmacology, pharmaceutical engineering, microbiology, biotechnology, animal nutrition, feed science, feed raw materials, Chinese traditional veterinary medicine, natural plant chemical, analytical chemistry, and so on. The company has more than 1,500 m2 laboratory, more than 8,000 m2 pilot workshop, 10,000 tons two product lines for plant extract feed additives and animal health care products, 30 acres animal test center and more than 20 nationwide animal test applying research base.
After more than decade’s study and more than 2,000 tests, the research team of the company has achieved a number of research results, and which have been used to feed and breeding companies. The key achievements and subjects are list in the following:
The key research achievements of Keepyoung:

— By more than 2,000 scientific tests, successfully developed 10 series, more than 20 plant extract feed additives;
— Products are used in more than 1,000 feed and breeding enterprises, more than 30 million tons' feed;
— 58 different traditional Chinese herbs, different parts and functional test evaluation;c
— Plant extract procedure study of more than 220 key plants;
— The research of keep feed physical stability and the application of part products for flavonoid, alkaloids, volatile oil, etc.;
— The research of indoor test methods for flavonoid, alkaloids, volatile oil, etc.;
— "Impin" and other products had been authorized "The Beijing Independent Innovation Products";
— "Imuty" and other products has been authorized "The new products and new technology of Zhongguancun national independent innovation demonstration zone".
The subjects of Keepyoung::
— 2010 Haidian district major projects: The industrialization of natural plant raw materials for anti coccidiosis agent (products);
— 2011 Independent innovation projects of ministry of science & technology: Security flavor chicken project;
— 2011 Support of Beijing major projects: Plant extract feed additives;
— 2013 National spark program project;
— 2013 Agricultural science &technology achievements transformation fund;
— 2013 The fund of technical innovation in small and medium sized enterprises;
— 2013 Science and technology project in Beijing. 
2013 Development and application of plant microecologics for livestock and poultry;
2014 Beijing Key Engineering Laboratory of Function Research and Application Technology of natural plant feed additive.
2014 Main drafter of the National Standard for Natural Plant Feed Materials;
2015 Build Animal Husbandry and Aquatic Field School in Daxing District;
2017 Successfully passed the veterinary GMP certification.
2017 Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Natural Plant Feed Innovative Research and Development.
2018 Beijing Natural Science Foundation Support Unit.
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